How to write an iPhone app

An iOS app developer needs to know the following about your iPhone app, so that they can create the best experience possible for you.1.

You must have an iOS app development account to submit your app.


You should also have an iPhone or iPad app development license if you want to build an app for the iPhone or iOS device.


You can build an iOS application for the iPad but you must have iOS development on the iPhone app development.


You need an iPhone development license and a developer account.


You have to create the app on the App Store.


The iPhone app must be iOS compatible, which means it must support all the features of the iOS platform.


The app must run in the iPhone’s built-in multitasking mode.


The iOS app must also be compatible with all the iOS features.9.

The App Store must approve your app before it can be released.10.

Your app must have a successful iOS app review.


Your iOS app can be reviewed by the App Review Community on Apple’s Developer Forum, which is available to app developers worldwide.

You will need to provide an email address, password, and your App Store account to join.

You cannot be an active member of the AppReview Community.12.

Your AppStore account must be signed in with an Apple ID, a valid Apple ID for the AppStore service, and a valid password.13.

The review process is free and you are allowed to add up to 20 reviewers.

You do not have to join the Appreview Community to review an app.14.

Your approval can be revoked by the Developer Approvals Board (DAB) for any reason.15.

The DAB will not allow your app to be released unless it is in beta or below.16.

You are not allowed to release your app on an AppStore, unless you have an Apple Developer Program, or you have approved it for the Developer Program.17.

The developer license must be updated at least once every six months.18.

You may not change the content of your app without prior approval by the developer.19.

Your application must be available on all the platforms your app is intended to run on.20.

You only need one developer license to build a multi-platform iOS app, or one developer account to build for multiple platforms.21.

You MUST also have at least one iOS app account for your multi-device app.22.

You ARE NOT allowed to create an app with more than one app account.23.

You CANNOT sell your app for cash.24.

You NEED to have an active App Store review to approve an app and for a developer license.25.

If you don’t have an App Store approval, your app will NOT be approved for an AppReview account.26.

You ONLY need an iOS development license for your app and you cannot have more than four apps with the same name in the Appstore.27.

You WILL be approved by the DAB for any app that has been submitted for an approved app review, and the AppRating Service will give you a 10-star rating if the app meets the requirements.28.

You MAY NOT change your iOS app without an AppRating Review or an App Review Approval.29.

You HAVE to include all of the information needed to create your app in your app description, such as the iOS version of the app, the iOS Developer Program (including the App Rating Service), the name of the developer, and whether or not the app is available for review.30.

The information you provide in your description must include the following:1.

The full name of your company2.

The name of any company you have registered3.

The company ID of the company4.

A description of the features your app provides5.

Your business or location in which your app operates6.

The type of app you are working on7.

The version of your iOS application you have developed, including versions released for the iOS 8 and iOS 10 platforms, if any8.

A summary of your progress on your app, including the date you launched your app9.

Your overall success rate of your application10.

Any relevant feedback from AppReview.

If the app you created is approved, the developer will contact you about any bugs and suggestions you might have.11.

If your app contains any affiliate links, you must link your app’s name to the relevant affiliate link to your company.12: You must also include a link to an app review that shows your app at the top of the list of apps approved by AppReview for any iOS app you submitted.13: You MUST make your app available for download in the iTunes Store and in other apps available for iOS on the iOS App Store (iPad and iPhone) for two weeks after it has been approved for the app review process.14: The App Review community has a list of recommended iOS app developers.

You DO NOT have to be on the list.15: The app