Hudson’s web development studio is hiring for a ‘mobile first’ role

In the near future, developers at Hudson will be working on mobile apps.

According to Hudson CEO Tim Stitt, the company will soon have a mobile development team that will help create a new kind of app, one that is more “mobile-first.”

The team will work with developers from around the world on a range of mobile apps including social, enterprise, health and education.

Hudson will start with a mobile-first mobile app in the next six months.

“Mobile is the new frontier,” Stitt told VentureBeat.

“We’re not doing a lot of big-ticket projects that have to be in the desktop world, but we’re going to do some things that will be more mobile-specific, and it’s going to be a great time for developers.”

Hudson started in 2009 as a small company, then expanded to become a major company in 2013, becoming the world’s largest cloud-based web development company.

Hudson is currently building a web-based app that lets users search for and review products online, and has developed some other services, including the mobile web-services and health-care app Healthify.

The company currently has a staff of about 300 people.