Which top web developers are making the most memes?

The top web developer in the world is a meme creator.

Top web developers at Google, Facebook and Microsoft are all making millions of meme posts on their personal timelines.

The list is a reflection of the millions of people sharing memes on social media.

The top 10 most popular memes on Twitter are:1.

“Bored with school.”2.

“Awwwwww, it’s a beautiful day!”3.

“Oh yeah, a little bit of that”4.

“It’s so hot today, my heart just hurts”5.

“I got a little sick of being alone”6.

“What a good day”7.

“This is my birthday!”8.

“Why did I get a pink bag?”9.

“Happy birthday to me, baby”10.

“My life has changed”Source: FourFourSecond