Web development books are on the rise, but are you getting them?

We all love books about web development.

We know we love them, because they provide a wealth of knowledge and a solid foundation for what we can expect in the future.

And now, there’s good reason to believe that the trend may be picking up steam.

According to the Web Development Market Tracker, sales of web development books and resources in 2016 reached an all-time high.

Amazon alone saw sales of more than $6.9 million, and sales were up by about 2% from 2015.

Amazon says that web development is now “on the rise” in the US, with sales of books increasing by 2.5% from 2016.

But the trends aren’t confined to just Amazon.

Google and other web development vendors have been seeing an uptick in sales since 2016, and Amazon recently reported that sales of its Web Developer book increased by 3% from last year.

That’s definitely a sign that more books are being released.

If you’re interested in reading a book about web application development, however, here are a few suggestions for reading on your way to becoming a web developer.