Idaho’s web development seminar to be cancelled due to ‘sickness’

The Idaho Department of Health has cancelled its web development seminars due to a “sickening” outbreak.

The department’s website, which was used by thousands of people to take part in the workshops, said it was “working closely with our community and local healthcare providers” to find a new venue.

“We have not yet determined an alternate venue for our web development workshops and our health department is working with the local healthcare provider to determine how best to manage the outbreak of the virus,” it said.

“The web development workshop at the state’s health department will be cancelled and all workshops will be rescheduled to the same location.

Idaho will continue to offer training for local healthcare workers, but will be focusing on prevention and control.”

Idaho State Health said the outbreak is “not an epidemic” and there was no evidence the virus had spread from the state.

“There are no known cases of H5N1 in the state, but our health departments are taking precautions to prevent this,” it added.

“At this time, we do not believe that any further cases have occurred.”

The Department of Public Health and Human Services said it is monitoring the outbreak.