What you need to know about the upcoming Udemy web portal

By Eric LauerPosted Aug 30, 2018 09:00:00The U.S. government announced a new initiative that aims to bring online education to all children.

It is the creation of the Federal Web Portal Initiative, which will provide a single online portal for all schools, colleges, and universities across the country.

“Our goal is to give every child access to an affordable online education in the most secure, efficient, and affordable way,” the U.C. Berkeley School of Information and Technology (BIT) and the University of California, Berkeley, said in a joint statement.

U.S., Canadian, and European governments are investing millions of dollars in the project, and in March, the U,C.B.T.E. consortium of institutions announced that the initiative will have over 30 million students and more than 3 million teachers.

The new portal will offer a range of tools and services, including the ability to create and edit websites, manage and upload photos, and upload and download videos.

There will also be a video content management system, and there will be an easy-to-use, online catalog of more than 500,000 content resources that can be searched by content types and categories, such as history, culture, news, education, sports, health, health care, food, travel, technology, movies, and more.

The federal government is investing in the effort to make the U-Pass program the easiest way for students to learn online.

In February, President Trump announced the UPass initiative, which was set to start in the fall of 2018.

However, in March the Federal Education Association (FEA), which represents schools, states, and private universities, told Education Week that the U Pass program is not ready for prime time.

Instead, the agency is planning to roll it out over the next several years.