The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt PC release date leaked

It was announced earlier today that the PC version of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is going to launch this year on March 29, with an early February release window, and that the game will be out in 2019.

The Witcher 1: Assassins was released in November 2017 and was the last game in the series to be made available to gamers for a full year.

It also marked the last time that The Witcher franchise would be able to have a release window on the PC.

It’s also worth noting that the last release date that The Evil Within 2 had was November 15, 2018, which is when it was released for Xbox One.

If The Witcher III: Wild Hearts is a hit on the PlayStation 4, the PS4 version will have the same exact launch date, and will likely be delayed to 2020.

As with The Witcher games, it’s unlikely that we’ll see any major updates in the PC versions of the game, but that’s just a guess.

We’ll keep you posted on the official announcement, but we do know that the release date for The Witcher 4 will be announced in March 2019.

IGN is working on a special article with the PC release of The Evil Below 2, so keep an eye on the IGN website and Twitter for more information.